Anonymous: I'll try but it kinda depends on the other party. I've been seeing this young lady and she seems to be easily put off by stuff like that. I don't know why. Last time I tried to reschedule, she didn't really contact me for about a week or so. Really on edge type, I guess. Seems like she's been hurt before but it's hard trying to get her to understand that I'm just trying to make time with her. I don't know. It's crazy. Human nature, I guess.

I think just try to explain to why you to reschedule and that you honestly want to get to know her. There’s a good chance she’s been hurt before but then again, It’s not your fault you misread your schedule, it happens to everyone. You’re only human. I hope everything goes okay with the young lady. Rooting for you!


Stuck between, Let’s cuddle forever and Let’s go shopping for Victoria’s Secret Lingerie kind of mood 

Anonymous: Good morn-noon. I'm dreading going to work. It's one of those days where I could've sworn I was off but then I took a look at the schedule for some reason and I have to go in. Totally ruined my plans for today.

Good Afternoon, I actually just had the same problem. So I have to close at work tonight when I rather just be in my bed, wrapped up in my blankets watching old scary movies. Sorry your plans were ruined, maybe you can reschedule them?